Chew On This: Resilient Modeling

I posted on Resilient Modeling less than a year ago, after Solid Edge University 2013. Dick Gebhard is the main guy behind this idea. He has constructed it such that it’s mainly CAD-neutral, but it turns out that it works best in Synchronous Technology. The concept does work well with history-based systems, in fact, its intended to make your history-based models more usable.


Last year he had a powerpoint to get the idea across, but this year he has put together a website to help promote the idea. This is not some scam, it’s not some idea just to get attention. Dick has put together this system after a career of working with CAD users and their badly constructed data, and he just wants to present it to users of any CAD stripe to . You can read more of what I’ve written on this here, and here. The second link will take you to the Solid Edge Community blog.

Check out for more info. Dick has put together some nice videos and nice sample parts. The site does a nice job of explaining what it’s all about, how it benefits you, and how you can best take advantage of the process. If you’re in a situation where you do a lot of the same kinds of models, and need to reuse a lot of active CAD data, you should really look into incorporating Resilient Modeling into your documented process and CAD standards.

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  1. excellent source and method thanks! I think every engineering student HAS to see this. it will save them a lot of sighs of his/her colleagues when they (finally) get in the field.

    but! how would you relate this to an assembly structure?

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