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I personally have resisted using Facebook from the beginning. For the past four years, I haven’t had any need to do anything with it, but going forward, I can see that a lot of people think that Facebook = The Internet. Just like twenty years ago when a lot of people thought AOL = The Internet. Oh, well, SSDD, if you know what I mean. Dezignstuff will have a presence on Facebook, even while Matt Lombard remains a blank on social media.

So stop by the new Dezignstuff Facebook page, like it, or comment, or whatever you tend to do on Facebook. I can see from my site stats that I get a lot of traffic from Facebook, even while I don’t really do anything there. If a lot of readers are there, I should probably be there as well.

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  1. Hey Matt! I learned the how to do mechanical drafting on a drafting board and with a drafting machine! The course was three hours a day for a period of two years at a vocational school! A much different set of skills compared to today’s approach! Just when I was getting really good, CAD happened! Therefore, I took the “easy approach” to mechanical drafting and learned to do mechanical drafting on a computer and I have never looked back. The real challenge for me is now is that there are so many really good CAD programs now but not enough time to learn them all very well!

  2. You ought to be on Facebook Matt. And not just Fb, the fastest way to reach a large number of readers these days is a WhatsApp group. CAD groups on both Facebook and WhatsApp are flourishing.

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