Multi-CAD Modeling Project and Other Pending Stuff

When I was a kid, like first grade kind of kid, I had two prized possessions. One was every day of summer vacation, and the other was my transportation. I guess things don’t change much over the years. My transportation back then was a purple Sears Free Spirit Spyder with banana seat. Yeah, I’m that old. But you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty cool bike.

With a writing project in the initial phases, and a desire to relaunch Dezignstuff as an “every-CAD” sort of venture, I’m starting a multi-CAD modeling project to use in the new book.  And guess what? I’m going to model an adult version of a stingray, or maybe a chopper, but some updated bit of bicycle nostalgia, anyway.  I’ve done mountain bikes and racing bikes, but now a good old-fashioned stingray will give me a lot of detailed mechanical stuff to model. Tassels? Ashtabula cranks? Coaster brake hubs? Springer forks? Sissy bar? Cards in the spokes? Spinners? Oh, yeah.

The multi-CAD aspect of this project will make it interesting to see first how each of the CAD tools I choose to use functions on its own, and then also how they all interact with one another, pluses and minuses and all that. As we get data from more and more sources, interoperability and the ability to work with imported data becomes more and more important.

And what other articles are  we looking forward to here? I’ve got a couple interviews in line with people who are involved in technology that is going to become more important in the next few years. It’s all related to my theme of reverse engineering and engineering data compatibility. These may not be the typical CAD executives that you are used to hearing from, but they are either building or using technology that will help you get your reverse engineering job done faster.

Finally, I’ll also have my ear to the ground to listen to what’s going on in the engineering technology world, and comment on it if I think I have something to add to the conversation. Reader’s comments are always welcome.

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