This was another early project where I really learned a lot of stuff. You’d think a baseball helmet would be easy enough, but again, I wasn’t designing from scratch. I had a model that I had to match, with some modifications. The most difficult part on this model was the transition between the brim and the earpiece. After that, the airscoops were actually pretty involved. Getting the thickness correct is more of a chore with this type of modeling than you might expect. I remember the sense of relief I felt when this model was complete. It is nice to get this kind of work, and very satisfying to see a finished, beautiful result.

The purple helmet is a mountain bike helmet with a face guard. I used the techniques I learned with the baseball helmet to build the much more complex bike helmet. Notice the groove around the face opening. That was difficult. This was a lot of surface building and trimming.

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  1. Hello,
    I am working on a project where we need a CAD drawing of a helmet and are having terrible difficulty making one. All we need is the inventor part file and you will be given credit for your efforts.

    Help Appreciated,

    Please email me the inventor part file, and or IDW’s if you have them

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