Bathroom Shelf

This was one piece of several collections of decorative bathroom fixtures I made for a customer. In this case, I got the industrial design in the form of a set of DWG files, and I had to interpret the 2D data into 3D. These fixtures were also completely engineered with assembly details, mounting hardware, and all the items needed to make a real product. The brackets were to be cast and finished, the mounting hardware was stamped sheet metal, and in this case, the shelf was glass. Most of this work was done with a product manager literally looking over my shoulder. This is fairly rare for me, because most of my work is done remotely, and I don’t always get to meet my customers face to face.

The project for 7 lines of 5-6 pieces each took a couple of weeks to complete. This was a fun project, and very rewarding to see all the parts come together into nice products.

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