Rifle Stock

This was done for a customer. It can be tough to make a well-known shape that is traditionally hand made look natural as a computer generated shape. Part of the goal with a model like this is to make it look maybe a little less than perfect – and that’s what’s difficult for a computer to do. The cheek pad and pistol grip portions of this part were difficult to create smoothly. The model is not symmetrical, which adds a little challenge to the work. Working back and forth with a customer who was obviously an artisan provided for a good result, but required patience on both sides, as well as , but the result in this case was worth it.

I grew up around guns, and to me they are just one of the things that folks have around the house. It’s not here as a political statement or for intimidation. Wooden gun stocks have in the past been beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. These days, the craft is in the glow of a computer monitor rather than with calloused hands and wood shavings in your hair.

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