Sports Equipment

I often get work that other people have failed at, or done part way and quit. this was a job like that. I got a model in a translated format, was required to duplicate it, and then make several changes. I went through 3 iterations with this model. One was the simplest way that should have worked, but it left little details incorrect. Second was the proper way that should have worked, but it just couldn’t handle one specific area of the shape. And finally was the “hack and whack” method, where I pulled out all the stops and used all the tricks to control the model precisely, and get all the little areas just right. Even the hole pattern was challenging on this part.

Additionally, sometimes you get a customer that you have to spend a fair amount of time educating about various aspects of product development or manufacturing processes. I work with a lot of inventors who have great ideas, but don’t know what needs to be done to get where they want to go. It wasn’t clear if I was designing for prototype or for manufacturing, and if manufacturing, what process. There were a lot of questions beyond just the geometry with this part. I wound up creating an assembly with plastic part structure and assembly features.

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