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  1. Take it easy Ryan, I had emailed that very same thing to Matt well before you emailed me. You aren’t the only one this had occurred to. No flack on my end but I bet Monika regrets it. I tend to think it is pretty well spot on.

  2. @Ryan
    Yes, that’s exactly what it would mean. Unless, of course, everyone who had access to the published concept was under an NDA (or similar). I certainly couldn’t make use of such a thing with what I do—too much IP needs to be protected along the way.

    @Billy Oliver
    Billy, my understanding is that you can have 365 days if you’ve filed a provisional patent. Otherwise, you’ve just given away your idea with no protection, and perhaps no documentation to demonstrate/prove that the idea is really yours. As for patenting something in public domain, I don’t think the USPTO would be too happy about such a thing if it were merely plucked from public domain like that (and if they knew that). In such a case, it might be difficult to prove that the patent actually “taught” anything novel—with the idea being out in public domain already.

  3. @Ryan
    Ryan if you put a new concept with patentable features out in the public domain. You have 365 days from the time the design is put into the public to patent the design. After the 365 term has passed from you ‘publishing’ so to speak a design and you have not patented it you loose all right to it. Also if you put a design into the public domain… anyone can patent it….. then it is first to file… then it it court time to prove who is the real inventor… and that usally boils down to who has the most money. So anyone putting anything in a public domain setting that wants to patent their design would be very foolish to do so before they have actually filed with the patent office.

  4. I have a question in regards to the “social” aspect of the design. If you are working on a design and you post to a website does this make the idea/concept is in the public domain? If so, doesn’t this put a qi-bash to your ability to apply for a patent to protect it?

  5. @Dave Ault
    You gonna take the credit for that? 😉 I let Monika know yesterday (Tuesday) and she didn’t realize that the moniker for “SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual”- SoMeCon- could read “SomeCon” instead. I’m fine with that as long as you take all the flack that comes with it too!

    Has anyone watched what PTC has been doing the last few years. This appears to be the exact “development” process and app marketing. Design, social, etc..

  6. @Dave Ault
    Funny Dave….SoMeCon you funny…

    Also think I have noticed another “Freudian slip” today at SSW. The thing with the bird flying over the crowd. My question is could that be a “Freudian slip” of kinda giving the crowd “The Bird”…… so the speak. At least on good thing about the bird flying over the crowd, there was no ‘robo bird droppings’ unleashed on the crowd. Sometimes birds do a lot of that when they first take flight.

  7. http://schnitgercorp.com/2013/01/21/solidworks-world-the-first-24-hours/

    “SolidWorks also made 2 big announcements this morning: the My.SolidWorks website and the new Mechanical Conceptual product. SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual needs a much shorter, snappier monicker, so I’m going to call it SoMeCon just for this post. SoMeCon is the first SolidWorks-branded product built on DS’ 3DExperience Platform and is intended to augment the traditional SolidWorks, not replace it. The way SolidWorks VP, Product Management, Fielder Hiss explained it, SoMeCon is a combination of capabilities that let a designer capture ideas digitally using an intuitive user interface, manage multiple concepts and design iterations and then collaborate and communicate around these concepts throughout early design phases. To me, the most interesting things Mr. Hiss said were that SoMeCon”

    So should this have read SomeCon? :O)

  8. @alex

    You’re not going to get any different answer from anyone. This new Mechanical Concept is still 9 months out, and it is the first installation of V6. I mean, no one is even owning up to that at this point, but that’s what it is. So next you will have some sort of more complex part or assembly modeling capability, or simple drawings maybe. Mechanical Concept is just a mini cad program. It’s just a partially completed CAD program. It’s the first step. The idea that SolidWorks is going to be around a long time is only because DS doesn’t seem to be able to put this V6 thing together very quickly. But that’s what they are pushing toward. The mechanical concept is just a way station. They are going to develop small parts like this until they have a complete CAD system. They are marketing it in pieces. There is nothing incompatible with replacing SolidWorks and what they’ve released.

    Believe what you want to believe, but recent failures and schedule setbacks are good news in one way, because SolidWorks V1 will have to exist longer. DS at this point is more interested in talking about stuff that doesn’t interest me in the least. If I’m going to have to change CAD products anyway, I’m going to find another one that’s at least going the same direction I’m going.

  9. Matt,
    Has anyone at SWW asked direct question of about the future of Solid Works? I’ve had an email exchange with someone high up in the SW “food chain” and was assured that SW with over 2 million users is in a good shape and long term future is pretty positive.

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