Terms of Use

I’m a big believer in discussions having multiple points of view. I can deal with people disagreeing with me. Disagreements don’t have to get ugly. If they do, I may remove or edit them. Use your head when making comments.

If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, remember that your first comment has to be approved, but after that they should just go straight up. If you have a dynamic IP address, I may have to manually approve most of your comments.

There is a “flag as inappropriate” toggle to allow you flag comments as offensive or inappropriate in some way. Please use this only when necessary, and be detailed when describing the problem.

In general, if you offer an opinion, make some effort to back it up with facts or observations.

I reserve the right to remove any sales or marketing information for competing products, or materials considered by me to be off-topic, spam, trolling, personal attacks, or otherwise unwanted.



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