To all data hoarders out there: Help!

Some of you know I got hacked a few months ago, and lost some data. I had backups for most of it, but some random items seemed to slip through the cracks. The main articles I’m worried about losing are the “Spline Schmline”, and “Spline Schmline: Part 2”. These posts were in October or November of 2008. I seem to also be missing a few posts from the 2010 period.

My appeal to all the data hoarders out there who maybe get an RSS feed and never delete your stuff is to see if you have any of this data. I would like to put some of it back if possible. Of course, you can look at this as a great opportunity to get rid of some of the less memorable moments, which I’m trying to take advantage of. There are some posts that I have, but I’m frankly not adding back in.

If you have some of this lost data and would like to reunite me with it, either email it to me at matt at dezignstuff dot com or if it is a lot of data, I can arrange for FTP access. I don’t care if it’s not pretty, I just need the text and image html. Thanks. And welcome to the fun side of cloud computing.

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  1. i have parts 1-5 in a word doc.

    hope this helps.

  2. @Bruce Buck
    The main difficulty for me was getting the data back into the database. The Myphpadmin only allows a small chunk of data to be imported and my db was about 15 times the max size. So I had to break the original data up, and use a regular sql query to import the data. There were 3-4 possible solutions and each had some weird limitation that prevented it from working on real data. Eventually I pieced the data back together through a variety of methods.

  3. I’ve always wondered about wordpress backup. Most hosting has utilities to do this, but it’s tedious and difficult to restore. I thought I heard of some WP plugins that makes backup/restore fairly seamless? Anyone?

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