CSWP Surfacing Exam


Well, I took the brand new CSWP Surfacing Exam and aced it. Frankly anything else would have been an embarassment. At least one of the parts used on the test was almost exactly a part I had modeled for the SW advanced surfacing training book. The exam is not easy. If I had not been the guy who modeled one of the parts, I probably would have missed a couple of questions. I don’t think everything they ask you to do is crystal clear, but this test is an improvement over all of the other CSWP tests I’ve taken because it is less prone to compunded errors. Also, for you aeronautical guys out there, much of what they ask you to do is framed in plastics terminology. It may not be obvious to SolidWorks that not everyone who does surfacing also does plastics. There are many applications for surfacing that do not require knowledge of plastic design or manufacturing techniques or terminology.

How do you study for this test? Well, it seems to be built around the Surfacing training manual. You could also use the Surfacing Bible. I looked through the list and there were 3 or 4 other folks who have already passed it. Let’s see how many Dezignstuff Blog readers we can get certified. Chime in here when you take it! It only costs $20, so give it a whirl! Best of luck.

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