Modeling Examples

The images here are of some modeling projects I have worked on. Please don’t ask for models, I can’t provide them because the data belongs to customers. The images are here for a couple of reasons. First to provide a bit of a reference for the work that I do. There are some nice models here, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done. Second, I like to show that I’m capable of a range of stuff, and that not everything I do winds up looking the same. And third, even though I can’t share the data, I would like the images to start some conversations about tools and techniques. As annoyed as I can get with the companies the provide the software, I take some pride in being able to use the tools, even with their limitations.

For some of these models, I have done the design, and for some I was just the guy interpreting shapes, making the 3D models. Sometimes I’m an engineer who lives in that space between industrial design and technical requirements. Sometimes I take an invention and make it manufacturable. Sometimes I’m just creating 3D CAD data of an existing part in order to make changes, or maybe just to be able to make an SLA or CNC physical model. Sometimes the models are just for rendering.

Feel free to browse the images, and post comments or questions if you like.

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