Solid Edge University and Social Media

Last year’s big Solid Edge event didn’t include much press. It was really intended to be a user-only event. This year, Solid Edge wants to get the news out a bit more, so press is invited. I’ve done CAD conventions as press before. I definitely relate better to engineers than keyboard jockeys.

Don't be that guy. If something's happening, be there.

As “press”, I want to cover the SEU event, and to some extent cover it live. I’ve seen groups of people at live events with their heads buried in their cell phones texting or something, and I always thought they were somehow missing the point. If you’re at a live (l ī v e) event, you ought to really be there, not with your head down missing everything. So I don’t want to get so busy covering the event live that I forget to actually be there at the show.

Plus, some things really require a little bit of thought or time to put together properly. So the live blogging stuff might be good for raw info as it happens, but there will also be something to write back in the hotel room at night.

I’m not a big Twitter or Facebook guy, so I’m reluctant to post stuff there.  I don’t want to require people to have an account just to see stuff. So I’ll probably post quick videos to YouTube and quick pictures with comments to my blog. I don’t know. How do you get your news from live events like this?

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  1. Mark,

    Why the surprise over Youtube? Youtube is the close second best in most cases and the first best in many for instructional videos on a huge range of topics. As a matter of fact I find more videos on SE there than anywhere else. When I want to check a new program out one of the best go to solutions is Youtube. Oh, and did I mention it is free?

    Tweets are great for people who have to know a tiny snipit of what is going on at that particular moment. Presuming that your employer does not mind you doing this on his dime. Youtube is where serious students will go to find out what it is all about.


    Regards from Dinosaur Dave the no tweets guy 😉

    1. Dave, I think Youtube is great, especially for the CAD industry which is so visual.

      I think what surprised me what that this was one of the go-to places for Solid Edge University information.     Like Matt J. said above, I think twitter rules for new info. Blogs (to me) would be second since they generally take a few hours to get posted and will likely show up on twitter anyway.

      I am curious what people are wanting from Youtube for Solid Edge University.  Are they the produced and edited videos that most companies do today? I know marketing has a few of these.  Or are they more the “on the floor” videos that anyone can do?

      Glad to come do a video of “Dinosaur Dave” with my iPhone next week if no one gets on me for my bad interviewing skills and lack of editing 🙂



      1. Well, if they are here looking for polished videos, they are likely to be disappointed. I think what I was intending to put on YouTube was just raw video of impromptu interviews, “gotta be there” kind of things like the ST5 unveil, or something crazy like Dan Staples skateboarding halfpipes in the general session.

        1. Hello Matt,

          No need for polished videos, raw videos like short interviews will be great. It is nice to put a face and voice to some of the names.


      2. I think the confusion over Youtube and Twitter is this:  Youtube IS the content, Twitter only advertises it.  Twitter to me is just that, an advertisement to go look at something else, but the content is not there.  Youtube and BLOGs allow deep subject engagement and that is what people want.  How you get them there is a marketing problem that I think Twitter and possible Facebook help address, but fails with those that don’t see the value of Twitter (like Dinosaur Dave).

  2. Youtube is second?  That is interesting.  Do you care much about quality? For those not going, what kind of videos would you like to see?


    1. Mark,

      I was surprised that my blog was first. It just goes to show how you ask the question definitely has an effect on the answers you get. Even if the connection is not intentional. I thought Facebook would be #1, but since I don’t really have a facebook or twitter presence, I don’t attract people from those areas. Is that a mistake? Maybe if marketing myself is my main goal. But it’s not.

      My #1 goal is accessibility. If someone doesn’t have a LinkedIn account, I don’t want that to stop them from seeing my stuff. The main social media outlet where you don’t have to have a login to see content is YouTube. Maybe my reasoning is flawed, but for these reasons, and the results of the simple poll, I’m planning to post items to my blog and YouTube. I may throw in a tweet here and there just to prove I can.

      Do you have another suggestion? I’m always open to ideas.

      1. I think the rule (for businesses) is to go where the customers are. As an individual, you go where it makes you happy. If you are doing both, maybe its some average of this. It tends to be that way for me.

        If you have a good blog, people are going to repost the URL to their favorite Social media site. So, I don’t think accessibility is a real problem for you or an established blogger. However, it used to be the conversation about a blog post happened in the comment section.  Now it is also happening where ever the blog URL is posted.  I think that has to be the harder part for a blogger.


        1. Mark,

          I try to keep an eye on the incoming links (through site stats) so I know where the discussions are taking place, and where links to here are posted. Today the most links come from google, facebook, caddigest,  and grabcad of all places. So I go and check those out and add my own comment if the situation warrants. Some of the places where I get links from are behind logins, such as the Siemens bbs. I just want to make sure that the end content is open, and that the links flow from walled off areas to open areas. So for example, I wouldn’t put my main content on the Siemens bbs, but that would be a great place for a link since it is so relevant.

  3. I voted “None” and “Other”.  I think the Siemens forum is the only place I will check regularly for information.  I’m not a big social media fan, and almost all social media outlets are blocked at work anyway.

    1. Travis,

      In a way I agree about the Siemens forum. It’s a great place, and all the best info goes through there. The only reservation I have is that it’s a closed forum, and if I’m blogging for people who are just getting acquainted with SE, I need to put stuff in a place where there is unrestricted access. Maybe one day the forum will be less closed. Thanks for the note.

  4. I just recently (6 months or so) began using Twitter and have been astounded by the amount of info that is out there in a business context.  I followed #plmconx during that event and personally felt like I was getting 1st hand, breaking info.  Even some ST5 secrets slipped out if you were following #plmconx.  The hash tag for Solid Edge University 2012 on twitter is #SEU12 between that #SolidEdge, #DesignBetter and #CAD you can find good info and a good core group of folks to follow on twitter.   {Follow me on Twitter @JohnsonBigMatt}

    I agree completely that some or most folk will in the end desire the real meat and potatoes BUT… I for one am interested in getting the stream of real time info and understand the meat and potatoes will come later in the day or evening…

    So I see the need for all options.  Tweets for shorts bursts of new info… (And there will be plenty in ST5 that’s tweet worthy, as a beta user I know!)  Then follow ups with technical detail in blogs and screen captures/videos to youtube.

    Solid Edge University 2012 will offer a LOT to be covered…  It won’t all be captured but I’d really hope 2 things get covered and covered well: 

    1.) SE ST5 as a product: What’s new, IR/ER count, user feedback and

    2.) Solid Edge community: While not “in session” what is the feeling of community, networking, openness… in the halls, at lunch, during cocktail hours; all these things in two contexts: peer-peer and peer-Solid Edge Staff (planning, development, GTAC, management) 

    I know how I feel about all the above… That’s why I would not miss SUE12 for anything!!!   I already know whats coming in ST5… I have it here right now at my desk… BUT… ST5 launch is only a very small part of what will be gleaned at the University…  Be there!!!

    Matt J.

  5. Matt,

    I bet your blog and youtube would be best. It is hard to write informative content and interact with questions until you have time to both write and answer in more than tiny snippets. There will be plenty of tweeters there so you won’t have to do the minute by minute thing anyway.

    I bet these guys reading your stuff want meat and potatoes rather than tweets and bleats.

    Last but not least. Can I recommend to anyone who still has a chance to attend do so? Nothing is like being there where you can ask your own questions and see it live for yourself. User or not if you really want to know the best social media is to be there.

  6. Did you have to use a Photoshopped picture of President Bush… poor guy never gets a break. Maybe a picture of Clinton getting serviced by Monica while on the phone. At least that really happened!

    1. Bob,

      Yeah, he is the butt of a lot of jokes. I just saw the picture and chuckled. He’s got a great look on his face, and seems kind of oblivious, like social media drones who have a vibrant and living presence online, but maybe less interesting in person. Nothing against ol’ W, just thought the pic was apropos,.

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