SolidProfessor Advanced Surfacing Training

Whew! Finally. This was a lot of work, both for me to create, and for the guys at SolidProfessor to make into a real video training course. It has almost 200 minutes of video lessons. This course was written completely in SolidWorks 2008, but in many respects is also applicable to previous versions.

Here is a list of what the course includes. It is based on modeling four different parts, and it walks you through building each part. Techniques demonstrated range from relatively simple spline sketching, and the use of Sketch Pictures, to several examples of Boundary and Fill surfaces on consumer product type shapes, to some very complex decorative shapes. I don’t believe that there is anything else quite like this for surface modeling in SolidWorks available anywhere else.

Buy the course directly from SolidProfessor or from a reseller that handles SolidProfessor.

I’m not going to venture to say whether this is basic, intermediate or advanced. If you have to ask, I suppose you will think its advanced. There certainly is some advanced surfacing technique shown here. The title of the course is “Advanced Surface Training”, so take what you need from that.

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