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The Solid Edge training works a little different from SolidWorks. SolidWorks training is extremely $$ intensive for users, and the quality of the training seems to vary a lot. Fortunately, SolidWorks does have a standard set of training manuals that are pretty good, but they are unfortunately not available unless you happen to find them on eBay or take the $$ class. Resellers make loads of money on training. I did that kind of work for several years. I enjoyed the training, and tried to make sure that students got their money’s worth from the class. But to be perfectly honest, the first reseller I worked for wasn’t known to be the most scrupulous guy, and I was training people on SolidWorks within 3 weeks of getting hired, and I only had less than a month of experience on the software myself. In fact, the first training class I attended was one that I was teaching. Needless to say, I learned a lot from my first several classes.

But as I said, Solid Edge training seems to be very different. They include some training with the software, in addition to the tutorials. Plus, I recently sat in on a conference call where a Solid Edge reseller said that he gave “training” at user group meetings. This statement alone shows that Solid Edge and SW approach training completely differently. I know SW approaches it as a source of revenue, but it seems like Solid Edge offers it for free. I’ve asked at various times about the Solid Edge training materials, and I seem to get different answers about that, but it seems that Solid Edge doesn’t really have any formal training materials. Or resellers might be writing their own. I haven’t taken Solid Edge training, but I intend to try to get into a class. I don’t think that I’m doing a very good job of training myself with the tutorials and self-guided training. I’m expecting to learn the software without using it 8 hours a day, and mostly from reading forums, and talking to a few guys. I don’t even know what I don’t know at this point. I’ve done a fair job at comparing various specific functions within SE to SW, and those seem to be the areas I’ve learned best.

If a SolidWorks user were coming over to Solid Edge, one of the weak spots might be considered the training. I’m aware of the SolidMasterMind, and several individuals have helped me out here and there, but I think I need a sit-down class where I can pester a real live instructor with 90 questions a minute. There are a lot of details that I’m not going to pick up working through tutorials or watching YouTube videos.

Does anyone have a Solid Edge training experience that you’d like to share? Did you learn what you needed to know? How were the materials (books)? Were there books?

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  1. Hello. My name is John Haslam.
    I will be opening a Solid Edge Training center in Atlanta mid summer 2016.
    If you want to experience Solid Edge training like you have never seen before, email me at
    I have been teaching mechanical design software classes since 1987, starting with Intergraph Corp, the inventor of Solid Edge. I started my own business in 1992 and I have taught thousands of classes all over the world.
    When you take one om my classes you will learn how to “LEARN” Solid Edge, not just how to complete a lab example in a book.
    Look for my website soon:
    Call for class listing, schedules and pricing.

  2. The full ST3 Update Series comprises of 8 comprehensive video training sessions covering all aspects of ST3 in all areas of the product including – Part Modelling, Sheet Metal, Assembly, Drafting and more.

  3. Just as an update, Ally PLM says that they do have regular classes scheduled. And I was reminded of a couple of great resources out there, SolidMasterMind who does video training, and Luc Poulin who does training/consulting.

  4. Solid Mastermind has a set of really good tutorials and it is a subscription where you use differing levels a month at a time.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that you can’t download anything and have to be a paying customer to access. I wish they would offer a direct buy of the videos.

    Ally PLM has a number of “Lunch Bytes” that are half hour long training sessions on various topics and they are well worth your time and they are free. Youtube has these and others too and unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket you could learn most of what you need with SE there.

    1. Just a quick word about why downloading and direct purchasing of Solid Mastermind training videos is not possible.

      We use a subscription model so we can deliver the highest value to all Solid Edge users whether they be individuals or corporations. Our monthly subscription of $57 gives users access to all video content within Solid Mastermind. This is currently the equivalent of over 30 days of classroom training. So users can get access to all our content for a whole year for little more than the cost of one days classroom training.

      We could offer downloads and direct purchasing but the cost implication for the user would be significant and probably prohibitive, certainly for those users who have at most a handful of Solid Edge licenses.

      Allowing downloading also creates significant copyright and protection of intellectual property issues.These things happen. For example a Siemens accredited channel partner and Solid Edge reseller has downloaded our entire YouTube channel and uploaded the content to their own. This is infringement of our copyright and of YouTube’s terms of service but it has still occurred.

      That said the most significant reason why we do not offer downloads or direct purchase is because from day one we have been committed to revolutionising the way training is delivered using video. Our SmartVS technology, to be released in January 2013, does this to the benefit of all Solid Edge users and this is only possible using live on-line content.

  5. I’ve often thought of writing a Solid Edge book, but as you know from your own biblical experiences, there is no one who will publish your book without a guaranteed audience to read it.  Up until the marketing buzz around Synchronous, there weren’t enough users to justify publishing a book.  No mainstream publishing, no money for the author.  Writing a time-sensitive book for cad software training has to be more than a labor of love.

  6. I’ve found you have to get a class setup for you at your place. There just aren’t enough users for someone to offer classes to the public. It is not like Pro/e or SW where there are places you can go in town with a regular schedule of classes and you have to sign up before they fill up.

    This is one reason why the Solid Edge University is such a great thing.

  7. Matt, Solid Edge’s Edumedia group does produce training material for the resellers for the $$ class.  I imagine most resellers might create their own or build on top of what Siemens PLM provides.  AllyPLM which is my reseller offers several classes ( that can be attended for $$ but they are also very active with providing free content at user groups and through their Lunch Bytes program (  From what I’ve seen, many of the major resellers have similar $$ classes and provide similar free support.

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