SolidWorks World 2012 Proceedings Now Available

You can now access the presentations from SolidWorks World online. You can get recorded video of the sessions or a powerpoint, if available. This is a great way to attend for free and at least get the benefit of the presented materials. This is one of the nicer things SolidWorks does for users, so you should take advantage of it. Many presentations come from SolidWorks employees, and some from high level users.

When you download the powerpoints, they are given creative names like “3560.pptx”. For your own archive, just rename it with the name of the presenter and/or the topic so you’ll know what it is without opening it. Plus, don’t be afraid of the “pptx”. If you have an older version of powerpoint (I have 2003), it will convert with a little help from an automatically downloaded plug in. Just think. For years we called Microsoft “evil”, yet even their data is compatible with all versions of their software.

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  1. Actually, Rob, it was nice to see in Charles’ presentation how picking in CC or CCW direction three points implicitly determines the direction of the normal for the plane. Though I don’t see how you could apply this knowledge to surface trims, there’s no real way to select them one way or the other, it’s just a selection.

    Maybe if we could select the boundary loop instead of a face region, and then have a little arrow to determine the direction. Then that would be a UI change that might be better, though it’d be less intuitive for beginning users.

  2. 20 Tips and Tricks of Mark Biasotti was pretty good, even for SW oldies like myself.
    There were hardly any surfacing presentations this year, but the presenation of Charles Culp was an interesting one.

    Anyone know where I can find “Flipped trim surfaces 303” ?

  3. I downloaded three of them and found some nice tricks. I guess geometry is a solved problem. Hardly a mention of how to generate complex shapes.

    The seminars that I need are:
    “How to eliminate hogbacks, butt cracks, ripples and tits from your smooth surfaces.”
    “How to make lofts actually contact the profiles.”
    “What is the geometry of a loft shape?”
    “When brocolli shaped sweeps make sense.”
    “How to make sensible solids combine for sure.”
    “Why are Solidworks files 1200X too big.”

    I do not think that I would get along well with the fanboys and yes people at SWW. I get great work done with Solidworks. It is never easy to get good surfaces, that can be modified and rebuild correctly.

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